How do you engage hearts and minds in food sovereignty issues within the local community?
How do you engage hearts and minds in food sovereignty issues within the local community?We let those who tend the earth tell the story.


LULAC Grows came to us to partner on a minidocumentary that would bring to light issues of food and farm equity in Clark County and cultivate curiosity around the environmental impacts of farming that affect our community. Many don’t know anything about these issues, even though they touch our lives and the lives of our neighbors. There were lots of topics and ways to approach them. But they all needed to be refined down to a 12 minute story.


We worked to refine and simplify the messaging so that the issues were clear. We planned the interviews and b-roll so that the story placed you in the shoes of local farmers. In stitching the film together, our goal was to lead people to care about what they were witnessing and to feel the reality that these things were happening in their community. We wanted the audience to understand that they could get involved. We wanted them to want to know more. All of the necessary pieces were there in the voices and scenes and we got the privilege of putting them together.

About LULAC Grows

For Latino families in need of food with dignity, LULAC Grows is a non-profit food system architect led by and for the BIPOC community that offers high quality produce.


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