How do you expand a local wellness brand to reach a new tier of clientele?
How do you expand a local wellness brand to reach a new tier of clientele?Vancouver Wellness Studio came to us to help take them from a thriving holistic health care studio to a multi-site, holistic wellness experience for those looking for healing and for leisure.


VWS was seizing an opportunity to open a high-end spa in a brand new hotel on Vancouver’s waterfront. The goal was to elevate their brand, preserving their reputation for trustworthy health care while ushering in a space for luxury. This new chapter of their visual identity needed to communicate consistency, quality, novelty.


This was a special opportunity for us, as we were able to design the new brand from top to bottom. In order to stay connected to the heart of VWS, we refreshed their existing brand rather than creating a new one. This included an elevated version of their logo mark, a wider and richer color palette, and a full website redesign. It wasn’t just about the way things looked - it was intentional storytelling that communicated an increase of capabilities in a way that appealed to a wider audience. It was careful content strategy that produced clarity in messaging and complimentary photography. We applied their refreshed brand to their new spa location through window decals, an interior wall mural, and signage. From digital assets to physical environments, we put great care into the beauty and consistency of the VWS brand so that the world can see their quality at a glance.

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About Vancouver Wellness Studio

Vancouver Wellness studio is a team of multi-disciplinary, trauma-informed, licensed healthcare professionals that collaborate with you to provide whole-person care.


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Vancouver Wellness Studio
Vancouver Wellness Studio
Whole-Person CareExpanding a local wellness brand to reach a new tier of clientele.