How do you stay ahead of the creative curve for one of the nation’s fastest growing direct to consumer startups?

How do you stay ahead of the creative curve for one of the nation’s fastest growing direct to consumer startups?

Forged in the fires of startup-land, our partnership with Slumberkins began when both companies were barely more than an idea.

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Their concept for stuffed animals that support social and emotional wellness in children was undoubtedly brilliant, but no one could have foreseen the speed of their success. Over the last few years, they’ve grown their product line and their marketing avenues at lightning speed. They’ve adapted to consumer demands, a pandemic, and an ever changing social landscape. In the midst of it all, there were numerous needs for creative support - and fast.


In order to keep up with speed like that, our team intentionally partnered with Slumberkins to act as an extension of theirs; we learned their brand, their audience, their team dynamics. We made sure to understand their goals and to always keep their vision for what would come next in mind. And then we got to work on the creative. We managed their social media account. We created over 100 youtube videos for their kid audience and produced several video ads for social and streaming platforms. When they created Camp Slumberkins as a response to the pandemic, we got to design and create the marketing campaign for the product. And not only have we gotten to support in the creative lane, but also with team augmentation, using Kolbe and PRINT to help guide their team through optimization, transitions, and hiring. We’re excited for what will come next in this partnership!

We set out to refine Slumberkins' visual storytelling. Through careful planning and creativity, we captured the unique lessons each creature has to share. Employing expert techniques, we brought these stories to life, resonating with Slumberkins' audience and showcasing the brand's true magic through photography.

Camp Slumberkins Grid ImagesCamp Slumberkins Grid Images
Camp Slumberkins
Camp Slumberkins
Camp Slumberkins

"Riff has been an incredible creative and strategic partner for Slumberkins as we have grown and scaled the brand. They are such a thoughtful team that adds so much value to the projects we have teamed on like social strategy and execution, art direction for campaigns, and media or technology creative exploration and development."

Callie Christensen Co-Founder/CEO, Slumberkins

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About Slumberkins

Slumberkins is an emotional learning brand on a mission to empower children to be caring, confident, and resilient. Founded by a special education teacher and a family therapist, Slumberkins was created to bring effective early emotional learning tools into as many homes and schools as possible.


Right-Fit HiringTeam PerformanceTeam TransitionYouTube Video SeriesAnimationCampaign CreationVideo AdsProduct PhotographySocial Media Management & Content Creation


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