How do you bring the whole world in on a beautiful secret?
How do you bring the whole world in on a beautiful secret? The only way to experience the exquisite culinary and cultural experience that is Stone Hill was to walk through the doors. We helped transcribe the experience to the digital space.


Stone Hill is a Michelin star quality restaurant in Bigfork, Montana. To walk through the doors is to feel known; to be guided through the best of Montana’s cuisine; to live out a few hours of unhurried enjoyment. Dining there makes you feel like you’ve just been a part of something exclusive. And yet the Stone Hill team’s welcoming arms are wide. But how to create a website that captures it all?


We began by refreshing their brand, sharpening what they had and expanding it into a curated visual identity. As part of the content creation process, we cultivated a unique photo style to compliment their brand and act as a primary source of storytelling on their new website. We traveled to Montana to do a full day photoshoot of their menu, restaurant, and team. We interviewed the owners and staff to dive deeply into the history and passion of the people who make it all possible. In the end, we put it all together - color palette, fonts, photos, copywriting, user experience research - to bring to life a website that takes you there.

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Stone Hill Photography 1
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About Stone Hill

For those searching for a unique and memorable, casual fine dining experience in Big Sky Country, Stone Hill carefully crafts and attentively serves locally sourced and seasonally fresh cuisine in an authentically modern Montana atmosphere.


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