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SlumberkinsA team augmentation partnership to scale at the right pace.Emotional Wellbeing
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Mike Lee
Mike Lee
Menlo VenturesDirector of Talent

The team at Riff brings wisdom, agility and trustworthiness to all they do. Riff is the ideal partner to help your team better understand itself internally, and to help better communicate who you are to customers externally. They’re a great one stop for development, branding, marketing and coaching.

Callie Christensen
Callie Christensen
SlumberkinsCo-Founder / CEO

Riff has been an incredible creative and strategic partner for Slumberkins as we have grown and scaled the brand. They are such a thoughtful team that adds so much value to the projects we have teamed on like social strategy and execution, art direction for campaigns, and media or technology creative exploration and development.

Taryn McCauley
Taryn McCauley
First Pacific FinancialChief Operating Officer

We don't want people to have to change who they are and assimilate to how we operate, we want people to be their authentic self, because that diversity makes us better as a company. We now live in a world where people want to bring their authentic self to work, and with remote operations, work has been brought into peoples homes. Riff Agency's on-going team strategy support really enables our people to do that.

Sarah Desjarlais
Sarah Desjarlais
FosterfulExecutive Director

We get so many compliments on our website! The team at Riff listened to our ideas with curiosity and compassion. They created a website that elevates our branding and mission so we can deepen our impact as a nonprofit.