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How do you introduce world class wine through the lens of family values?

How do you introduce world class wine through the lens of family values?

Imrie Cellars is deeply committed to the legacy of their vineyard, which sits on land that’s been handed down through the Imrie family for generations. They needed a brand that would demonstrate the richness of both the history and the 100 point wines the land would produce.

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Resting just above the river in the Columbia River Gorge, Imrie’s vineyard is a wonder to behold. It represents the power of connectedness, the splendor of quality wine, and the final love letter of a wine titan to the land. Their team holds fiercely to each of these identities, fighting to elevate them equally within the story they tell to the rest of the world. They brought us in not just to create a logo, but to illustrate a legacy.


We began with a photoshoot of the vineyard, which yielded stunning glimpses of the leafy vines, the golden hills, and the vast river. The beauty of the vineyard gave us a clear sense from the very beginning that the mark for this brand should have a hand-drawn, illustrative style. After taking time to dig deeper into their story and help hone in the vision for where this wine would take them, we crafted a highly detailed yet beautifully understated logo mark that captures a sense of place and time while remaining timeless in its elegance. This foundational brand work will set the tone for labels, a website, and more.

We knew from the start this place was special. Our branding process began with getting to know the land. Whether it was learning about the rich history of the region or getting our hands dirty for a harvest, every aspect of the land informed the brand identity we would create.

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About Imrie Cellars

Imrie Cellars is creating a winery and wine label on the rolling hills that overlook the Columbia Gorge. Their purpose is to capture the imagination of Washington wine with legacy land.


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