How do you position a cannabis technology start-up as a true industry disruptor?

How do you position a cannabis technology start-up as a true industry disruptor?

RollPros had a premium automation product and needed a brand strategy and identity that would bring them to market as the exclusive choice for flower thought leaders.

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RollPros’ logo was market-ready but they needed to flush out the rest of their brand strategy and identity to translate their expertise in technological innovation within the cannabis automation landscape.


We first established the foundation of RollPros brand strategy with a persona, voice and tone, and messaging strategy. Then we got to work on designing brand identity standards that included the addition of logo usage parameters, typography, color palette, icons, photography style, and visual themes. Next we directed and produced product photography, lifestyle photography and brand videography to provide a gallery for their visual storytelling. Finally, we custom designed their primary business development collateral, which included an advanced cut sheet that details all of the specifications an informed buyer would want to see.

RollPros Brand Guide HeroRollPros Brand Guide Hero
RollPros Advanced CutsheetRollPros Advanced Cutsheet
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About RollPros

For the flower thought leader who needs high quality, consistent automation RollPros offers a patented preroll system that replicates hand rolled joints at scale. RollPros technology is future-oriented, creating sustainable margins, and our customer service is a dedication to product and service excellence.


Brand StrategyBrand IdentityProduct PhotographyLifestyle PhotographyVideographyMarketing Collateral


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