How do you bring a rapidly growing PR team together under one common language and identity?

How do you bring a rapidly growing PR team together under one common language and identity?

We coupled team strategy with brand strategy to unite PointNorth internally and strengthen its positioning externally.

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The PointNorth team quadrupled the size of its team in a year, which brought two things to light. First, they were facing many new team dynamics that came from growing so quickly. They wanted to be proactive in making sure they were cultivating a culture that put people first. Second, they needed to refresh their brand so that it accurately represented the new PointNorth and their big future. We were able to help them with both.


Using the Kolbe assessment, we facilitated a workshop to establish a foundation for communication practices that capitalize on the instinctive strengths of each team member and optimize teamwork by strategically combining individual strengths. With the team’s people-focused strategy in place, we moved into facilitating business and brand strategy to identify the greatest opportunities for PointNorth to win in its market and how best to position its brand to support their projected growth. All of these insights laid a roadmap for the brand refresh and full scale web redesign and development, which included new photo and video.  In the end, we were able to help PointNorth communicate their new identity to the world: a contemporary values-led changemaker that is people-centric and client-focused.

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About PointNorth

PointNorth exists to guide communities through values-led change by providing engagement, development and marketing solutions that build trust, amplify voices and empower people.


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