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How do you honor tradition and pursue innovation as a decades-old architecture firm?

How do you honor tradition and pursue innovation as a decades-old architecture firm?

Our task is finding the sweet spot between honoring foundational values and staying current in the fast-evolving architectural landscape.

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Balancing the weight of history with the demands of the present, we partner with LSW Architects to help them walk that narrow line. Across their marketing, they seek to hold onto the aspects of their firm that have made them a pillar in our community over the last several decades. But they also understand the importance of staying connected to their ever evolving audience. On the ground, this requires documenting the work that they do, ensuring that they have an engaging online presence, and executing their brand vision in the physical world as well.


As their agency partner, we get the opportunity to look at all of their marketing efforts holistically, helping to ensure that every piece ties together for a flawless whole. As they’ve expanded their portfolio over the last few years, we’ve been able to capture photos that highlight the different architectural styles and stories they tell. Our team also works to keep their website connected to the most up-to-date tech, expanding their ability to update and customize the content and design. In seasons of expansion or change, we walk alongside their team to provide a strategic perspective on messaging, brand presence, and team optimization. There’s a powerful narrative behind all that they do, and we make sure that story is getting told.

LSW Web LayoutLSW Web Layout
Clark College STEM building
Clark College STEM building and Carbon12 living space interior
Headshots of Spencer Anderson, Max Ault, Ashley Beard, and Derek Brown
LSW new hires
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For nearly 70 years, LSW Architects has pur­sued op­por­tu­ni­ties that support people, ideas that shape culture, and proj­ects that add lasting value. They are a team of committed partners, advocates, allies, and mass timber experts striving to champion resilient communities that empower authentic places.


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