Leadership Clark County

How do you empower those who empower others?

How do you empower those who empower others?

We joined forces with Leadership Clark County to train impactful, community-minded leaders on the foundation of self-awareness.

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Leadership Clark County has been working to develop local community leaders for thirty years. In that time, they’ve used a handful of training tools, seeking to facilitate the greatest amount of growth possible for each year’s class of participants. A couple of years ago, they came to Riff with interest in the Kolbe framework. They were looking for something that would not only help develop individuals, but that could optimize teams as well.


A class of young leaders is an exciting venue for Kolbe training. It’s the perfect place to showcase how every individual’s best way of doing something can be the right way - and how to make every right way work together to create a thriving team. In our full day workshop we spent time explaining each of the four action modes and digging into real-world examples. We took them through ways to optimize your own energy and ways to communicate with your team based on the shared Kolbe knowledge. By the end of the workshop, the class of young leaders was able to walk away with a greater understanding of the ways they each get things done and a greater appreciation for how each person’s right way can increase the strength of the whole team.

About Leadership Clark County

Leadership Clark County helps individuals develop their personal leadership skills while also teaching them about the infrastructure and services that support the local community.


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