How do you unite an international group of aviation revolutionaries under one, clear mission?

How do you unite an international group of aviation revolutionaries under one, clear mission?

KinectAir is a technology startup on a mission to make private air travel more assessable. We helped the KinectAir team build the plane as they were (literally) flying it.

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When we began working with KinectAir they were piecing together the idea of disrupting traditional aviation one Pilatus PC-12 at a time. They had a brilliant idea: activate regional airports and small planes in a way that makes private air travel accessible and removes the difficulties of commercial flights. They also had some of the best pilots in the nation to back it up. The idea had struck like lightning and all of a sudden they found themselves in need of foundational support for a team and marketing support for the idea everyone needed to know about.


Our approach to team support was simple - help KinectAir harness the unbelievable talent on their team and point each person in the direction that best suited their unique strengths. Using the Kolbe framework, we gave their team a common language with which to approach the rapid growth and creative problem solving they were facing. We then paired the team strategy with website marketing strategy to translate their efforts into a clear story. What was the key offering? How was it specifically changing the landscape? What did they want their audience to do? We helped refine their messaging and produced a run-and-gun marketing video showcasing a race from Portland, OR to Bend, OR and demonstrating the power of KinectAir travel.

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About KinectAir

KinectAir harnesses the power of cutting-edge software and extensive aviation knowledge to make the convenience of private flights more accessible than ever. Their ecosystem of aircraft and operators within the regional travel market is designed to ensure passengers enjoy every moment they spend with KinectAir.


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