How do you shift the heart and culture built around one name to another without losing trust?
How do you shift the heart and culture built around one name to another without losing trust?We crafted a new identity for Fosterful that reflects their journey and captures the organization they’ve become.


Office Moms & Dads was founded around the premise of empowering volunteers to support foster children in moments of painful transition. But after several years of success and growth, they came to us with the realization that the brand they’d built their identity upon was not scaling with them. They needed a brand that could speak to the national audience they were growing into. They also needed a name and emblem that was inclusive of all ages, backgrounds, identities, and familial orientations. But how to do all of this without losing the momentum they’d created or disheartening those most loyal to their roots? This was the primary challenge.


It always starts with the name. We believe every aspect of a brand is built around it. So we set out to architect a new name - one that would honor the work of the past, achieve the goals of the future, and impactfully represent all that they had grown to be. “Fosterful” not only nods to their work in the Foster Care system, but plays on the set of words that most defines their organization: “Mindful,” “thoughtful,” and “hopeful.” From there we built a visual brand that symbolizes the light they shine in dark places. We were intentional about an approachable, significant, and flexible system they’d be able to utilize across their platforms and initiatives.

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About Fosterful

Fosterful, a nonprofit organization, is a community of qualified volunteers partnering with child welfare offices to provide a nurturing environment for children entering foster care. Volunteers keep children occupied and safe while social workers work behind the scenes to arrange for their long term care, often having conversations not suited for children’s ears.


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