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Where do you begin when creating a brand new children’s museum for a rapidly growing metro area?

Where do you begin when creating a brand new children’s museum for a rapidly growing metro area?

You craft a roadmap by starting with the end in mind and working backward to the beginning.

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A children’s museum in Southwest Washington would be the first of its kind. This client came to us with nothing more than an idea and the driving belief that we should turn it into a reality. Not only did this idea need a name and an identity, it needed a long term plan for brand engagement and community buy-in. It needed marketing strategy and product development. And we had the opportunity to craft the creative strategy that would bring all these pieces together.


First on the list was the name. We worked with the client to develop the name Columbia Play Project, which put both the region (Columbia River) and the mission (play) on display. The name then inspired the visuals of the brand, capturing elements of the Pacific Northwest with a playful and animated feel. Once these pieces were in place, there was more strategy work to be done, and we helped lay out a three step plan toward the eventual brick and mortar museum. The first step in the plan was designing play kits that would help introduce the brand to our community and raise funds to support the project. A year later, we designed custom vehicle wraps and exhibit infrastructure for phase two: a mobile museum. We love getting to partner with CPP as they continue to grow, supporting their creative and strategy needs and helping them stay true to their overarching creative vision.

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About Columbia Play Project

Columbia Play Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating exploratory play spaces for the young & young-at-heart, that inspire them to discover their passions.


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