Powering a Big Idea from the Ground Up

Powering a Big Idea from the Ground Up

Mobility should be life-giving, not life-sucking. The empty promises of electric scooters, autonomous vehicles, and riding with strangers feels like an extension of your digital life, not real life. Luckily, Ryd is here with a people-centric solution.

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Ryd (Rethink Your Drive) was born as a solution to the need of low cost transportation in emerging urban centers, the growing shortage of parking for business employees, and the dissatisfaction of an unfulfilling day-to-day of experience in existing alternatives. Although Ryd was a big, transformative idea, it was just that - an idea. Enter Riff.


Riff crafted Ryd from the ground up including the business model, the creation of an inviting brand, an engaging launch strategy, business development and fundraising support, and even the development of a consumer facing, Uber-like app. We were truly an integrated partner in the mission of Ryd - Saving the environment and improving the human experience... Disguised as a transportation solution.

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Ryd needed to make a big brand splash that would quickly capture attention, create a scalable marketing plan with direct ROI, and create a consumer facing app that was optimized for a simple user experience - all while operating on a start up budget. Riff had this moment in mind while creating Ryd, from the way we crafted design systems to be easy to leverage to the execution of social media marketing to foster compounding community support.

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About Ryd

The modern world of “mobility” is filled with electric scooters, autonomous vehicles, and rides with strangers that always leave something to be desired. Ryd is focused on creating solutions that feel fun, authentic, and support the kind of mobility experiences that you long for.


Brand IdentityWebsite & App DesignContent CreationBrand StrategyPrint DesignLifestyle Photography


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