How do you preserve a business' foundational, legacy system, while building for the future?
How do you preserve a business' foundational, legacy system, while building for the future?Faster Permits came to us with a rapidly aging management system powered by Windows XP and tasked us with creating a brand new system that would carry over old, complex functionality and add new features that improve their workflow and client engagement.


Faster Permits takes on the challenge of wrangling city and county permits for a broad range of commercial and industrial clients. As a building permit management firm, they require a complex, custom tool for their highly-detailed workflow. When they came to us, the Faster Permits team was bogged down by a legacy system called Permitech that was over a decade out-of-date; it was on the brink of failing at a multitude of levels. Weekly, each team member would have to carry their computer into the office so that everyone could manually sync their systems at the same time. This process could burn up to 3 working hours per team member each week.


We rolled up our sleeves and began by scrapping everything about the current application (apart from the data). Software has come a long way since the inception of Permitech and we needed a paradigm shift if we wanted to provide the optimal amount of value to Faster Permits. We decided to turn Permitech 2.0 into a fully cloud-based solution that is available to any team member with an internet connection. This allowed for a level of collaboration & ease of use that was just not possible on the old system. We landed on using Elixir to craft the server and React to render the information to the end user. In the end, we created a beautifully designed, robust, fault-tolerant system. This new core system saved the Faster Permits team countless hours of unnecessary stress and gained the business an estimated 5% - 25% increase in annual revenue.

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About Faster Permits

Faster Permits is a Building Permit Management with reach and experience spanning the entire nation. Working with architects, engineers, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, government entities, bank/lenders, and property owners, they have perfected permitting processes over 32+ years with hundreds of thousands of approved construction permits.


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