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This small business in Bend, OR does business consulting for those on the uphill climb toward success. They were ready to launch in early 2022, but needed a solid brand to help them make a splash. The client wanted a logo that more literally represented the brand, but literal doesn't always have to mean one-dimensional.

Services: Logo design | Branding

Uphill Stacked Color Logos

Branding and Logo Design

At face value, the Uphill logo is a set of upward pointing arrows - a direct nod toward the name. But upon closer inspection, you'll see that the top arrow is also a mountain peak, which represents both the destination of the uphill climb and the peaks we know and love here in the PNW. The arrows together hold a local symbolism as well: evergreen trees.

This simple but rich logo, combined with a modern color palette and a bold, clean typography packed the perfect punch for this consulting firm. As with all brand projects, we finished off their branding with a comprehensive style guide that acts as a roadmap for brand implementation.

Uphill Branding
Uphill logo in use