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We had a blast working with Ridgefield Craft Brewing to take their existing brand elements and expand them into a label system for their beers. Label design offers a fun challenge in figuring out how to display so much information in such a small space. And there’s something special about seeing the finished product wrapped around the can in your hand.

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Labeling System

A label system allows for brand consistency across each can and looks great in a line up. But there's also a range of customizability so that each can has a distinct identity within the set. We created a very broad color palette so that RCB could use a different color for each beer. Likewise all of the text on the label is editable, including the name of the brew, the specs, and a space for a unique description.

The overall label design was an expansion of their existing logo. We took the geometric shapes and built them into a pattern that framed spaces for the info on the label. We loved the themes of mountains and water (both integral to the beautiful Pacific Northwest) and made sure to keep them front and center in the designs.

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