We see challenges as opportunities, and Covid-19 is no exception to that philosophy. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to design & build Vancouver’s first parklets.


The Vancouver's Downtown Association reached out to Riff & LSW Architects to design & build parklets and wayfinding in order to assist restaurants with Phase 2 of Reopening during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Services: Research | Architectural Design | Wayfinding Design | Making

Design Constraints

The VDA asked for a parklet design that could be repurposed since Covid-19 is a temporary challenge. LSW Architect, Brent Young, created a vanguard, modular design that can easily be reconfigured, moved, and accessed.

Parkletes Render

Time Constraints

We had two weeks to design and build the parklets and wayfinding so that they would be ready in time for Clark County's Phase 2 reopneing. It was an "all hands on deck" sprint to meet our deadline.

Making the Parklets

Safety Constraints

We picked up our masks, set up distanced work stations, and got to measuring, cutting, sanding, painting, and drilling...

Making the Parkletes

The Results

In the end, we built unique designs and effective wayfinding in time to help our community reopen.

Parkletes In Use
Parkletes In Use