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Lyon & Pearle is a beautiful, family-owned children's boutique in downtown Vancouver, located on Washington Street. When designing Lyon & Pearle's logo, we wanted to strike a balance between elegant + simple and fun + playful, exploring all the unique dichotomies that makes this company special. For their brand system, we crafted imagery that brings their name to life and tells the story of their mission and values.

Services: Branding & Style Guide | Social Media Strategy | Photography | E-Commerce Website

Logo Breakdown


The lion icon represents one half of the brand name, while the pearl set inside the outer shell represents the other. This imagery is a fun play on words with the name, but also honors the children of the founders, Lyon and Pearle, after whom the shop was named.

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Lyon & Pearle Branding

The brand colors of Lyon & Pearle reflect the brand’s core values: warm, honest, loving, and clean. Use of custom textures and patterns provide broader opportunities for brand application across their marketing platforms. All combined, they create a cohesive and dynamic brand experience from business cards, to packaging and storefront design, to photography, and more!

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Social Media

For Lyon & Pearle's social media, we married brand consistent graphics with lifestyle and product photography to create a variety of post styles that tell the story of the shop's integrity and incredible inventory. The volume of cute models and products made it easy to design assets that communicate who they are to their audience.

Website Mockup

E-Commerce Website

We designed and developed a fully custom e-commerce website for Lyon & Pearle. Using Shopify’s CMS, we build a one-of-a-kind front end with our favorite JavaScript framework, Gatsby. This allowed us to display their content in a way that is truly unique to them, giving their shoppers a boutique experience online as well as in person.