In early 2021, we were approached by the SW WA LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) Council about creating a short film that would raise awareness around the issues of local agriculture and food sovereignty in Clark County. This film was not only a joy to make, but was a rich learning experience for our team. As we met local farmers and food warriors, we witnessed first hand the impact that locally grown food can have on the community and the damage that the lack of access to healthy food has on thousands of underserved people in our county.

Services: Concepting | Pre-Production | Filming | Editing

The Story

One of the big takeaways from this project was how simple and meaningful it is to support local farmers. The impact of investing in fresh food and the hard-working hands that steward it is huge. We spent time interviewing key stakeholders to put together an outline for storytelling that we felt would make the biggest impact. We then filmed the video in a documentary style, capturing conversational interviews on location with the farmers.

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Filming people in their element is a win-win. When you capture someone doing something they're skilled at and passionate about, the story almost tells itself. Combine that with the rich colors and textures provided by the natural landscape of these farms and you’ve got an ideal film setting. When it was time for post production, we culled all of the footage we'd collected to piece together the most important and compelling pieces of the interviews in order to tell the overarching story.