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The Farmstead is a new housing community coming to Vancouver in Spring of 2022. It offers townhomes and apartments with an elevated farmhouse design style for individuals and families seeking calm and connected housing that has a true sense of place. This development follows in the footsteps of Joe’s Place Farms – a community farm which served the Fir Crest neighborhood in east Vancouver for many years. As Joe looked to sell his land and retire after 70+ years of working, the creative teams behind the development made sure to honor the roots and story of Joe's Place Farms.

Services: Storyform | Branding | Logo Design

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Before we began branding Farmstead, we started with a process called “storyform.” Storyform is where we work to map out a clear narrative and history of where our client has been so we can let all of our work on our client’s future flow from this knowledge of their past. Through this storyform process, we photographed Joe's Place Farms and interviewed Joe himself about the history and seasons of his farm. We learned that he planted his first crop of strawberries at age 4 during World War II. He remembers when Vancouver was mostly farmland, and many people drove horse-drawn wagons with iron wheels. Through curiosity and research we were able to tell a clear story of where Joe's Place Farms has been and where The Farmstead housing development is going. A clear story anchors the integrity of a project so that the vision stays intact from design to construction – and we’re excited to share that story with you.

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We think about branding as an experience that comes alive through strategic application. For The Farmstead's property management, providing thoughtful brand touch points for residents goes a long way in establishing a true sense of place.

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Custom letterhead and business cards provide trusted and tangible professionalism, a key chain celebrates the milestone of a new home and smart technology delivers daily innovation and service. All of these branded elements work together to create the experience of The Farmstead.

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