EPIK, a non-profit with the mission of dismantling the sex trafficking industry, decided to do something different for their organization's 9th anniversary.

They created a cycling fundraiser for indigenous survivors of sex trafficking to raise funds and awareness around this most vulnerable population. That fundraiser is called The Hard Road.


The Hard Road needed branding, a landing page and social media strategy that would get people excited to donate or even join the campaign by cycling themselves.

Services: Branding | Photography | Videography | Copywriting | Web Design | Web Development | Social Media Guide

EPIK Branding


The primary and secondary logos incorporate the bar code from The EPIK Project’s logo to create a visual connection between the organization and the campaign. The half circle symbol is both an abstracted bicycle wheel and a sunset to illustrate the mission of the campaign. Lastly, the Masthead lockup shows the states the campaign will be traveling through and the route that will be taken.


Our video team utilized our local terrain to capture the founder of The EPIK project practicing for his long distance cycling trip and telling the inspiration and story behind The Hard Road campaign. This film was used for campaign promotion on both the website and on social media.

EPIK Social Posts

Social Media Strategy

To assist The EPIK Project’s team with promoting The Hard Road on social media we created four categories of posts with a variety of templates for each category for them to easily use as needed.

EPIK Desktop Image

Landing Page

The Hard Road needed a comprehensive campaign page built into The EPIK Project’s existing website that would both explain how the campaign works to encourage users to join with ways to engage on social media. Our team designed a custom landing page and seamlessly integrated it into the client’s pre-established WordPress account.