Design Vancouver is an annual, two day design conference created for creatives.


LSW Architects hired Riff Creative to design a two-day immersive conference that would compel creatives across the whole of the Portland metro area and beyond. The goals were to help elevate the design reputation of Vancouver, WA and foster a robust and energized community of designers and creatives. The event brought together a diverse group of world-class design talent from both inside and outside Vancouver.

Services: Strategy | Branding | Website | Videography | Photography | Social Media | Marketing | Event Planning | Event Management Making

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Design Vancouver Logos


When designing the DV logo, we knew we wanted it to be deeply rooted in the fundamentals of design – using the most basic shapes and colors in new ways. The goal was to create a logo that communicated the simplicity of connectedness and relationships.

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The colors and the ways they interact with each other reinforce the concepts of both ‘design basics’ and ‘relationships / community.’ Exploring a subtle twist on – red, blue, and yellow – we put a fun spin on a primary palette. The overlapping transparencies communicate the idea of relationships growing creative possibilities.

Social Media Strategy

Creating the Design Vancouver social media strategy was a fun challenge for us. We knew we wanted it to be well-designed and highly consistent with the DV branding. We also knew we wanted it to be fun and dynamic and something totally different than anything we'd seen be done before.

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These collage-inspired spreads were used for all the pre-conference promotional content, for posting live content during the conference itself, and even for post-conference highlights and reflections.

Design Vancouver Social
Design Vancouver Website
Design Vancouver Speaker
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Our main goal on the event planning side of DV was to create an experience that fostered community and connectedness – a place in time where creatives in our area could look up from their work and see each other.

Our amazing DV photo team captured some of our favorite highlight moments from the event – moments where members of our community got inspired by and learned from one other.

Design Vancouver Ryd
Design Vancouver Flyer
Design Vancouver Tote