Columbia River Economic Development Council is a non-profit that partners with private and public sectors to ensure that Clark County has a thriving business environment. By virtue of valuing lasting partnerships, CREDC invested in coaching for their team to strengthen their internal partnerships.


CREDC is a robust non-profit with a committed team. In order to help this group meet their 2020 goals to work even more effectively as a team, they reached out for Kolbe coaching to identify each team member’s natural talents and help the organization utilize those talents productively.

Our coaches designed a Kolbe workshop tailored to meet the needs of CREDC and provided personalized follow-up support and individual coaching. The team benefited from the workshop by knowing each other’s key strengths, how each member uniquely contributed to the team, and how to leverage their innate talents to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Services: Kolbe Workshops | Individual Interpretations | On-going Support


Kolbe Workshops

During our workshops, attendees learned their distinct way they naturally problem solve. Specifically, how to use their Kolbe strengths to work with their instincts instead of against them. For some, this was the first time they have identified and been affirmed of their conative talents.

Participants learned how the different Kolbes are critical for team success and synergy. They left with a new appreciation for their instincts and the instincts of other team mates. By having identified each other’s key unique abilities, they left with a renewed confidence to work even more effectively as a team.


Individual Interpretations

Before and after the comprehensive workshops our Kolbe certified coaches provided confidential individual Kolbe interpretations for CREDC's team members. These sessions provided an individualized focus to deepen the understanding of Kolbe and its implications for trusting your instincts.


"I was first introduced to Kolbe about two years ago. At that time, Kolbe proved to be an excellent tool, helping me understand how best to collaborate and integrate into a team that had been working together for several years already. Personally, I learned so much about my own process and how to be mindful of other’s processes to best move our individual and team goals forward successfully. As the team evolved, we again leveraged the power of Kolbe to help our new team come together to learn how to harness our strengths and our natural problem-solving process. Kolbe has been a tremendous tool for our team – yielding great dividends particularly over the last four months as we navigated through the abrupt changes caused by COVID-19."

- Monica Santos-Pinacho, Director of Communications