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Columbia Play Project is a non-profit with the mission to provide quality, educational play experiences in Clark County for the young and young-at-heart. Their vision is inspired by the Columbia River, a natural resource that has played a huge roll in shaping our corner of the world.

We had the honor of helping Columbia Play Project’s board build a fun and energetic brand identity from the ground up. With our belief that a brand should be an experience, we started by helping CPP identify their mission, vision, and purpose. That led to the visual brand, which led to a website, social media, newsletters, swag, and even play kits.

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This brand is unique in that it has to embody the energy, exuberance, and creativity of kids; but it has to capture the hearts of the adult audience as well. In addition, it was important to the client that the brand was grounded in the local geography, specifically the Columbia River. Putting "Columbia" in the name was a great place to start. From there, we leaned into geometric shapes to accomplish all of these objectives at once: playfulness, simplicity, clarity, organic feel. The color palette pulls directly from nature and all together the branding has a joyful presence that represents this incredible group of people, working to bring more play to our community.

CPP Branding Shapes and Icons

Play Kits

As part of CPP's initial efforts to engage with kids in Vancouver, we got to design a limited edition play kit for kids aged 3-7. The "Welcome to the Ecosystem" play kit includes six local critters that guide children as they learn about how water, land, and animals work together to create and maintain a beautiful ecosystem and habitat. The kit includes a 100-page activity book, snap-together critter characters, a bookmark, a pack of sturdy colored pencils, and a critter sticker sheet.

This was a multidisciplinary project; combining strategy and graphic design for the activity book with product design and branded merch. But it was a ton of fun and produced a unique, interactive element of their brand identity.

PlayKit Kid
CPP Character Friends
Columbia Play test
CPP Characters Photo


Designing and developing the Columbia Play Project website was another exercise in representing a kid-oriented mission, while speaking effectively to the adults who support it. Beginning with the branding as a foundation set us up for success. We used a generous dose of the color palette and created some additional custom illustrations for the messaging. We kept the designs and user flow clean and to-the-point. Use of a video we made for CPP on the home page helps to increase engagement around their purpose and mission. Check out our Gatsby Award Nominated Website.

CPP Website

Social Media

Columbia Play Project has a bold vision, so it required a bold introduction to the world. And social media plays a big part in that. We created all of CPP's social media content for the first couple of years, strategizing around content and creating custom post designs. We also tackled the copywriting and provided videography and photography to support the visuals.

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