Albi Hero

Albi by Speak Technologies uses AI to provide meeting assistance that takes care of the note-taking and action items so that meeting participants can stay present and focused.


Albi is the AI product and Speak Technologies is the company that created it, and both are all about putting people first. Our team at Riff set out to create branding, strategy and a web experience that’s central motivation is supporting the people that need Albi.

Services: Rebranding | Content Strategy | Copywriting | Web Design | Web Development

Albi Rebrand


Albi’s original branding spoke to the sleekness of technology, but was missing the human connection. With the rebrand we set out to put the human touch into the technology by expanding the color palette, creating people-focused illustrations and by creating an overall identity that’s both soft and strong.


Web Design

In an industry filled with modern technologies and industry leading corporate product design, Albi has an audience of project managers, agile software engineering teams, and business executives. For a team like Albi that is bringing something so new to the market, making your product accessible and easily understood is essential—but not at the cost of being bland or forgettable. We identified what Albi’s target audience is looking for, and through empathy, positioned Albi to be relatable and memorable.

Albi Website

Web Development

Built with Gatsby.js the site is blazing fast. Gatsby pre-builds pages and lifts them into a global cloud of servers — making websites ready to be delivered instantly to your users wherever they are.