An Immersive 1-Day Workshop Retreat for Leaders

An Immersive 1-Day Workshop Retreat for Leaders


Friday, November 10th

9 AM – 5:30 PM

Hotel Grand Stark, The Study
Portland, Oregon

Ground Your Unique Leadership Style To Propel Change

At Riff, we firmly believe that being your authentic self brings out your optimal performance. Success in life and work involves doing more of what naturally brings you life. This retreat is dedicated to helping you harness your innate creative and leadership abilities to address the challenges you encounter daily.

You’ll uncover your innate problem-solving instincts and explore how these attributes shape the relational dynamics at home and work. This retreat is designed to provide you with the opportunity to step back from your daily routine and immerse yourself in a new way of thinking that will spark a change in mindset. By the end of this retreat, you will depart with heightened self-awareness and a well-defined path to attain the momentum you’ve been striving for.

What we’ll cover

How to Lead with Your Strengths

Immersive exercises will help you tap into your unique strengths that you can leverage for life-giving work.

How to Delegate Based on Strengths

We’ll identify where you naturally experience tension and practices for releasing those tensions.

How to Cultivate Team Momentum

Learn how to lead a team based on individuals innate ways of problem solving for optimal performance.

Grand Stark Hotel
Lunch and Happy Hour are Provided
Study Hall

What’s Included

Two Assessments for Your Unique Strengths

Attendees will receive two assessments to complete ahead of the event, worth a combined value of $200.

Grand Amari Catered Breakfast, Lunch and Happy Hour

We’ll provide rustic-Italian catered meals throughout the day for the group to enjoy together.

Networking with Local Business Leaders

This group is intended for business leaders. You’ll get the chance to connect with values-driven leaders just like yourself!

Meet the Retreat Facilitators

Clare Willson

Clare Willson

Clare has 20 years of experience in freeing people to lead with the best versions of themselves. She is our master coach, helping people discover their strengths and excel in any situation, making her an invaluable guide to achieving greater self-awareness.

Jake Hendrix

Jake Hendrix

Jake is a seasoned leader with a knack for fostering creativity and crafting transformational moments. Whether he’s directing events, hosting podcasts, or guiding teams to greater optimization, his ability to inspire and connect with others creates new pathways forward.

Alexis Bond

Alexis Bond

Alexis is a natural cheerleader and positivity source. She excels at championing others, fostering talent, trust, and success, offering compassionate support in any challenge. Alexis’s innate ability to uplift and empower individuals guides her work as a coach.